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Introducing Physical Therapy and Sport Specific Training

June 30, 2015

BetterBody is happy to announce our new additional service.  Dr. Zach Ray PT.  and his staff will be available in the afternoon starting July 1, 2015 for any physical therapy or sport specific training needs you or your athlete. 

 Dr Zach Ray PT is well known as a teacher of the teachers. He is recognized nationally as a leading expert in sports medicine having taught and lectured in various universities, clinics and seminars. He received his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from California State University Chico and then moved on to receive a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Chapman University where he specialized in sport corrective exercise. 

Zach served on both the NFL and NBA combine medical preparation teams and has been a driving force in ACL injury reduction programs. He has advanced his degree and is now sitting to become board certified sports specialist. Currently he works to rehabilitate and implement injury prevention programs for professional, college, and high school athletes. He has worked with a diverse variety of NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB athletes on rehabilitation, sports performance, and specifically injury prevention. 

With a rich background as a former two-sport college athlete, Zach brings to his teaching and treatments an unparalleled expertise combined with passion for his work. Whether you are new to  sport or a seasoned pro, Dr. Zach Ray PT and his team will assist you in improving your general health, fitness level, and movement efficiency while decreasing your general risk of injury.

Our sports specific Physical Therapy is designed to not only get you back into the game but to improve your overall fitness and sports performance. Our Live Athletics team will work with you to ensure the fastest recovery possible. We emphasize education so you will become an empowered athlete with the knowledge required to understand how to best minimize re-injury while improving overall movement efficiency.

"At Live Athletics we believe it is important to educate all athletes in proper movement patterns and exercise concepts while providing industry leading manual therapy.  We are engineered to the exact requirements of championship athletes. "

Live Athletics – Zac Ray

Julius Thomas

"When I’m in LA I always stop in for a tune up with Live Athletics! Results are unparalleled."

Julius Thomas

Jordan Cameron

Live Athletics innovative and systematic approach got me back to the field faster!

Jordan Cameron

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