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Shed a Few Pounds in a Month

September 22, 2012
1) Portion Control 
To offset this temporary hunger without eating more:
•  Drink more water
•  Eat fiber-loaded foods
•  Eat slowly, put the fork down between bites
From 1977 to 1997
Hamburgers expanded by 23% 
Mexican food got 27% bigger 
Soft drinks size increased by 52%
Snacks Sizes grew 60%. i.e chip, etc 
The average Fast food soda was 8oz. Can you believe that? This is going to be the 2nd generation of bigger is better and guess what the average size of a childs soda is…. 12oz and a large is 32oz… This is ridiculously … I'm even guilty of making my meals large. 
 Oh and there is frozen food that proudly boast  "1 Pound of Food," …. Really?!?!?  We need to be consuming 1 Pound of food?!?!
    Every fast food place and restaurant boasts how much food they give you for a certain price. Like giving all that food to eat is a money saving bonus. You get a lesser quality meal, and more food OR get a higher quality meal with an acceptable portion size for the same price??? HHHUUUMMMM
Did you ever stop to think how they are able to give you all that food for that price?
We’ve all seen the meal-u-mentries
Supersize me being the biggest one. I got sick everytime I passed Macdonalds for at least a month… Then suddenly, I wasn’t and in a moment of weakness got me a double cheeseburger and fries. Yes I’m guilty too BUT this is not an on going thing for me. Every so often I partake in a devilish fast food meal. I’m the minority.  Everyone has seen and heard the effects of portions and fast food have on you yet no one changes. Excuse me you have changed. You’ve gotten bigger. 
WELL NO MORE! Take back your power along with your body 
Start tracking you calories… 
Week 1
1) Write down everything you eat 
•  Example … Cereal pour into bowl. WAIT!!! before you pour the milk over it grab a scale or a measuring cup. Weigh it or measure how much you poured for yourself.
•  Now you know what you consume as YOUR portion…… 
•  Write it down ( your portion and the recommended portion ) 
Week 2
•  Reduce your portion by a quarter 
•  So if you measured your cereal with a measuring cup and you measured out 4 cups then re-measure out only 3. You may measure out the milk or just eye it. By default you have less cereal so you'll put less milk in… the milk should measure out to 1/3 of the cereal any way.
•  Do this with your food all week. If you go to Burger King and normally order a number one with cheese cut it into 4 pieces and only eat 3. Try to only eat 3/4 of the fries if you normally eat the whole box as well. 
•  Write down the calories in what you eat along with the portions size you consume
Week 3
•  Reduce portion size by half
•  Keep writing calories and portion size 
•  Add water to your diet… Grab a water bottle an make sure you drink at least 2 of them everyday. 
•  Write down how many of the water bottles you drink a day along with food and calories etc
Week 4
•  Reduce portion size to what the average portion size is on the box of what ever your eating 
•  Still write down everything you've eaten
•  Add another bottle of water to your daily intake. If you were at 2 last week you should be at 3
•  Keep everything UPDATED
Week 5
Do you see a difference?
Are your clothes fitting a little looser ?
What would happen if you change eating a burger and fries to a chicken salad ?
Want to see what would happen if you took 30 min walk on your lunch break or an evening stroll? Would that make a difference?
Why don't you experiment and find out then tell me about it.
Written by:  BetterBody instructor Karisa Winnet
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