Alexis Montagna  

 My name is Alexis Montagna and I am a Pilates enthusiast. I tried my first class at 18 and I was hooked instantly. I decided that I wanted to become an instructor so I attended a certification through Body Arts and Science (BASI In 2002) requiring over 400+ hours of intensives and apprenticeship requirements. I began teaching right after completing the course for about 5 years. I then entered the corporate world. During that time I got married and started my family. I then realized how much I missed teaching so I stepped back into the studio, got yet reformer group class certification, and you can still find me on the teaching floor today! I continued and recieved another certification in 2014 through WundaBar.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, small or big, athlete or couch potato. Let Alexis work with you to improve awareness, flexibility, strength and fitness.