Kym Damesworth, PT  



Kym is a wealth of knowledge and experience! She has a Doctorate in Physiotherapy, and honorary doctorate in Functional Biomechanics, Anatomy, plus other certificates from various studies and programs. She is a biomechanics specialist, and also specializes in rehab post abdominal reconstruction.

Kym has worked in several clinics & hospitals as a PT, but always finds herself back in the studio. 
She continues to study the body, various therapies, and movement practices to expand her knowledge and further understand how to challenge anyone & everyone who comes in to train.

As Kym continues on her path helping others, she also never stops learning! She recently added another certificate to her training with Neurokinetic Therapy TM (NKT). 
While balancing her successful career she also love being a mother and wife to Bryce, Kylie, and Bryan.