BetterBody Workouts Going Live

Now that your gym and studios have temporarily closed it is more important to keep moving and stay healthy at home.  Log onto our
New Online Workout Programs.

Life is creating some hard-times for EVERYONE! More stress, anxiety, depression, violence (yes domestic abuse is up) and much much more. I want to give you some time to tune-out everything and just focus on yourself. People are depending on you. You have to stay healthy and moving!!! Without you, the family or business cannot succeed. Take this time to workout and do something for yourself. Shut the outside noise and release some stress with this 14-Day Program I’ve created for you for FREE. **Enter Code: KEEPMOVING at checkout.
After completing your 14-Day Program you may cancel at anytime.
If you want to continue receiving NEW monthly exercises do nothing and enjoy your daily workouts for only $69/month. You receive an In app video demonstrations for each exercise. Full body workout planned for you on your training calendar. All you do is check in and track in.

Our instructors have added more classes to keep occupied and have a “normal” routine while giving back and providing support to our community.

Pilates Mat, body and band training and Yoga. We’re hoping this will help keep a regular routine (and keep some sanity with some SAFE social interaction) and when this is all over you will come back stronger and healthier.

Click here for Class Schedule

Or take our *LIVE* Online Classes for only $15/class

Think Right, Move Right and Feel Right with these classes:
*Sunday- @10am Pilates Functional Movement wEmma Collins
*Tuesday- @9am Core Strength and booty blaster wJennifer Morgan Hookham
*Wednesday- @12pm Postural Therapy and Muscle length Yoga wJennifer Morgan Hookham
*Thursday- @8:30am Pilates and Functional Strength wEmma Collins
*TBD- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Plyometrics wMaricar Pratt
Online Class links and up to date NEW schedules and information will be posted on the
BB FB Group
We have New therabands and loop bands if you don’t have them at home for only $20 – Checkout them out on our online store.

** Private Live Online Training is available and getting booking up. Please contact your instructor us ASAP.
*** If you have a Reformer at home we can help continue your workout with our Live Training with any of our instructors Rachel Halper-Fishbein, Rubina Megji,, Ileana Vogelaar, Maricar Pratt, Jennifer Morgan Hookham, Michal Meoded and Emma Collins.
We would love you more than we already do if you