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Pilates has not only changed my body but given me great confidence. I feel great, I love the way my body continues to change with the help of my Pilates workout. It works every muscle in the body, I have never had a better workout. I look forward to every session with Mari and Bianca, they are tough but in the best way. They get results and that is all care about. I am so glad to have found Better Body Pilates because I will have the best body for my upcoming wedding in October, thanks for kicking my butt into shape, quite literally!

Beverley Mitchell

Pilates helps me lean out without bulking and I feel good and love looking good with the help of BetterBody. – Conroy Kantor

“In the last two months, since I’ve been taking xtreme60 sessions with Mari, I�ve seen better results in my body than I�ve seen in years with just doing cardio and circuit training at the gym. I LOVE Pilates and Xtreme60!” – Jennifer H – October 2010

“I have been going to Mari and Better Body for over 10 years. She has helped stabilize my bad back through her program. I can’t imagine how my back would feel without Pilates.” – Randy L. – October 2010

“After 9 years of working out at Betterbody Pilates, I feel stronger and healthier than ever before. Betterbody Pilates is an inviting pilates studio with friendly and skilled professional trainers. It has a relaxed and calming atmosphere, yet the workouts are intense and motivating. After every workout, I come out of the studio feeling rejuvenated and energized. Betterbody Pilates makes working out fun and rewarding.” – Michele F – September 2010

I’ve been doing Pilates at Betterbody Pilates for 9 years and I love it! Each week I know I am getting a great work out. My instructor always mixes it up and makes it new and exciting. Betterbody Pilates has a real warm atmosphere; everyone is always so nice and welcoming. It is a great place to be with old friends and make new ones. I don’t know what I’d do without BetterBody Pilates! – Melanie R.

I am a 68 year old grandmother, who was advised by my daughter, Karen, to try Pilates because she thought it was so worthwhile. I am a dedicated treadmill walker & didn’t know anything about the program. I was skeptical & didn’t know if I would enjoy it. Karen attended the BetterBody Studio in Agoura, and even though I live in Granada Hills, I made the trip there. After about three months of exercise, I began to feel a difference. I could feel my body strength, flexibility & balance improve. And when BetterBody opened in Calabasas, I changed to that studio, because it was a little closer to my home. I have been doing Pilates regularly for six years & when my friends ask why I am so committed to the program, I tell them how much better it makes me feel. The entire staff is terrific. I have worked with the same wonderful instructor for two years, and I warned her that she is stuck with me. – Helen Parker, February 2007

Dara is a very skilled and dedicated instructor. She is extremely conscientious and methodical. Since working with her I have developed strength and endurance. Dara pushes me to reach my potential and my goals. She has helped me get in touch with my body while building self-confidence. Pilates was once a chore but now is vigorating and fun! – Joy Reed, February 2007

I believe in growing old gracefully. I eat well, I don’t drink or smoke and I exercise regularly. But there were always those “areas” of my healthy body that I wanted to change, erase, diminish. You know… a bit off my thighs, a bit off my arms, and a bit off my tummy. Pilates has not only streamlined these areas, it has made me so much stronger and I am not in need of the back surgery my doctors suggested 2 years ago after a very serious car accident. I am strong, I have no back pain, I look fabulous (In and out of my clothes) and I feel like I’m getting better every year, rather than breaking down like so many do in their 40’s. I look forward to many years of graceful growing with pilates. Thank You BetterBody! – Wendi Eckstein, February 2007

I have been taking pilates classes intermittently for the past five years. I believe pilates is the best workout to tone your body without adding bulk. It elongates your muscles and strengthens your core. I appreciate a workout that is not repetitive and challenges me to go a little farther. I have taken lessons at many studios and I am staying with BetterBody because I get the results I want. – Elizabeth Ribbons, February 2007

“Not liking to exercise at all, I started taking private lessons at betterbody approximately one and a half years ago to get in shape and relieve pain that I have from a sciatic condition. To my surprise, I found relief from my pain almost immediately. Mari, my trainer, could not be more supportive or patient…she is always very professional but at the same time, compassionate and understanding. I could not be more happy with my progress and for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to my sessions with Mari.” – Sheila Schwartz, February 2007

“Pilates changed the way I feel about fitness. It also changed the shape of my body! For me, it’s meditative, and at the same time, a great workout.It’s both physically and intellectual challenging, and I love that. Maricar’s enthusiasm for the work is contagious, and I find myself working hard, and having fun at the same time.” – Elizabeth Grossman, January 2001

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, at approximately the same time I started taking Pilates with Maricar two to three times a week. After a year of Pilates my Osteoporosis had been reduce to Osteopenia. The most recent Bone Density Scan I had had shown a complete reversal of the Osteoporosis after continued Pilates.” – Valerie Collier, April 2000

“After suffering a stroke from open heart surgery in 1997, I began lookingfor an alternative program to strengthen and improve my balance and self confidence. I met Aggie and she immediately recognized what I needed. She is one of those very rare individuals that makes you feel special and customizes your workout for each session. I have benefited so much from her and would highly recommend Aggie to anyone who wants to feel good about themselves. I have not had a single session with Aggie that wasn’t helpful and exciting” – Scott Goldie, December 2003

“I came to BetterBody not having been able to work out for almost 2 years. I had a herniated disc which limited my ability to exercise. In the last year I have worked with Aggie to strengthen my back and improve my posture. I am stronger, tighter and I feel great!” – Joanne Mednick M.F.T., January 2004

“I have been exercising for the past 16 years. I started taking Pilates at BetterBody with Maricar 4 years ago. It has been the most beneficial for me. Pilates has helped my scoliosis and totally reshaped my body. If I had the time to do it more than 3 times a week I would. I am obsessed with it!!!!” – Resa Firestone