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Men vs Women – Weight Loss Styles

Men vs Women – Weight Loss Styles Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There is a lot of differences between men and women; let it be in physical appearance or in the functioning of the body’s organs. Do men lose weight faster? The simple truth is that... read more

How to Relieve Post-Workout Pain

How to Relieve Post-Workout Pain You probably feel great as soon as you finish a good workout. You’re happy it is behind you, you’re energized, but you’re also physically exhausted. However, a few hours later, you may start to feel worse as you start... read more


1.  It’s Amazing for Your Abs 2.  It Can Ease Back Pain 3.  It’s Easy on Your Joints 4.  It Hones Your Focus 5.  It Makes Sex Better 6.  It Improves Your Sports Performance 7.  It Makes You More Flexible 8.  It Boosts Your Brainpower 9.  It Tones and Leans... read more

Exercise May Positively Affect Memory

It is commonly known that exercise is one of the best preventive drugs for a lot of health conditions, spanning from mental disorders to cardiovascular disease. Did you know that your risk of losing your hearing due to age can also be reduced with exercise? Physical... read more